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Our mission

Global Travel Tech is the voice of the world’s travel tech companies. We work with industry partners and policymakers to allow technology to empower travelers to explore, discover and connect with the world.

Our members have revolutionized the way we book and experience travel. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and investments, shopping for travel services is today simpler, cheaper and more transparent than ever.



    More transparent

    We are committed to innovate and provide travelers with unparalleled choice and convenience while fostering a competitive and dynamic travel sector.

    By harnessing the power of technology and data, we connect travelers seeking new experiences with a broader range of offers. This fosters healthy competition and drives growth across the sector. We provide opportunities for small businesses to tap into new audiences worldwide.

    We support the shift to a more sustainable and responsible tourism. By providing reliable, transparent data on journeys and stays, we incentivize consumers to make more sustainable travel choices. We support the industry’s decarbonization efforts and incentivize sustainable investments.

    Discover the policies that support our vision for an innovative and competitive industry that harnesses technology and provides traveler-centric solutions.