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Expedia Group

    Expedia Group is a global organization of travelers and technology experts who collaborate across various time zones, hemispheres, cultures, and languages to create exceptional travel experiences. With the belief that travel serves as a force for good, they are committed to developing outstanding products and fostering connections between travelers and their partners.

    As a prominent travel platform, Expedia Group establishes connections by utilizing portfolio of businesses and brands to coordinate the movement of people and deliver travel experiences on both local and international levels.

    Powered by over 70 petabytes of data and more than two decades of technological innovation, Expedia Group has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading travel platforms. Their unparalleled industry knowledge and cutting-edge tech innovation enable them to create a two-sided marketplace that sifts through millions of possibilities for travelers and partners globally. This distinctive approach allows Expedia Group to consistently offer outstanding travel experiences and contribute positively to the world.