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    Amadeus is a company that operates globally in the travel technology industry with a goal of enhancing the travel experience for everyone. Their mission is to inspire open ways of working, encourage connected thinking, and drive innovation to power the travel and tourism industry. They prioritize delivering exceptional traveler experiences by providing more information, choice, and autonomy.

    At Amadeus, people come first, and they strive to offer game-changing services and stress-free journeys. They aim to promote better travel by connecting the entire global travel ecosystem through their open platform, which invites startups, big industry players, and governments to collaborate and redesign the future of travel.

    The company is dedicated to caring for the environment, communities, and destinations, and works towards making travel a force for social and environmental good. Amadeus supports sustainability by helping partners calculate carbon emissions, making offsetting easier, and empowering travelers with more choices. With a diverse workforce and a passion for travel, Amadeus is committed to creating a connected, sustainable, and traveler-centric ecosystem.